It Has Begun…

After receiving some great advice from friends and readers I took the first step to moving my baby out of our bed. Last night, after his bath time and his bottle, I put him in his pack n play. I was an experience that helped me learn a bit more about my son’s personality. For two hours he tossed and turned and tried to climb out. I was amazed with his tenacity and perseverance. At six months old, he was trying to figure out how to get out of the pack n play and into my bed. But I did not give up. And neither did he. First he tried to seduce me into picking him up by looking into my eyes and giving me a big smile. And while that ALMOST worked, I stayed strong. Then he yelled at me for about one hour. He didn’t cry. He just yelled, as if to say, “how dare you abandon me?” Then he tried to climb out. All I could do was bury my face in my pillow and laugh. Two hours later, he wore himself out and started crying. That is one sound I cannot stand to hear. Plus I think he was trying to tell me that he was thirsty. I know I would be if I exerted all that effort. So I picked him up, gave him what was left in his milk bottle and he passed out.

We made it through half the night with him in his pack n play. I woke up around 1 AM to pump and found myself counting the hours till 7 AM so that I could bring him into our bed and play. I only made it to four AM. And while he was perfectly fine, I wasn’t. He spent the rest of the night next to us. Tonight we will try again ūüôā

And one note about the pumping. I have decided to keep going, mostly because my prince doesn’t seem to like formula. He’s the boss.

It Has Begun…

How I Survived Returning to Work

It’s been more than two weeks since I returned to work and I’m happy to say, my brain and my heart are faring much better.

Those who follow my blog know that there were moments in the first couple of days when I didn’t think I would survive being both a mom and a career woman. ¬†There were lots of tears and lots of anxiety. ¬†I’m sure there will be some days that are tougher than others, but now I also know that I will make it through. ¬†For ¬†moms that are preparing to return to work, here are few tips that helped me get through the first couple of weeks.

1) Make sure you have childcare you can trust. ¬†I miss my son every day but I don’t worry because I know that he is in good hands with his nanny. ¬†I can handle missing his beautiful face but I cannot handle being away from him and worrying about his well-being. ¬†In order to trust your childcare, if you can afford it, hire your nanny while you are still on maternity leave. ¬†You have enough to adjust to, the last thing you need is to deal with is someone new in your life and your little one’s life as you return to work.

2) Talk to other mothers who work with you.  Tell them about your concerns and your worries.  They have been there and the fact that they are still working means they may have tips to help you through the tough days.  I would stop and talk to every mom that I see in the hallway.  I found it very comforting to know there are many others going through exactly the same thing.  Taking five minutes to talk about our children also helped me get through the days I missed him the most.

3) Talk to your spouse/partner.  Chances are if you live in the U.S. your husband/partner had to return to work mere days after your baby was born.  Daddy loves the baby as much as you do, and if he can adjust, so can you.

4) Stay in touch.  I set up a Skype account for my son and everyday I call him and either his dad or nanny picks up.  I work 11 hour days and taking 10 minutes, while I pump, out of the entire day to see my son makes all the difference.  It also helps with my milk production.  I know some parents who have a nanny cam that allows them to check in every once in a while as well.  But I personally like being able to interact with him.

5) Know yourself. ¬†I have many friends who said to me they thought they could never be a stay-at-home mom until they actually went back to work. ¬†For me, going back to work confirmed that I am a better mom when I work. ¬†Instead of feeling exhausted, I feel refreshed when I see my baby. ¬†My time with him is so precious and I enjoy every second. ¬†But for some moms, being away only increases their anxiety. ¬†Be honest with yourself about what’s best for you and your family. After all, if mom is not happy, no one is.

It’s only been a couple of weeks for me but things are already dramatically better than they were the first day. ¬†Moms, do you have any tips on how you survived the return to work?

How I Survived Returning to Work

My Baby, My Motivation.

My skin is breaking out, my stomach is in knots. ¬†Next week I go back to work. ¬†Yesterday I spent the morning in tears. ¬†It’s a flood of emotions I haven’t felt since the birth of my beautiful boy. ¬†I’m going to miss him. ¬†I haven’t been without him for more than just a few hours. ¬†Now I will be gone for 11 hours a day. ¬†Leaving him in the very capable hands of his nanny makes me feel better than if I had to leave him in a daycare at such a young age. ¬†But I’m still going to feel pangs of guilt for not being there for him all the time.

My tears are also tears of stress. ¬†For weeks, my world has revolved around my baby, as it should. ¬†But that also meant that I didn’t have any time to focus on what’s happening around the world, and I’m worried that I am going to return to work and fail at my job. ¬†Someone once told me that once I had a baby, my priorities would change, that I may no longer want to advance in my career. ¬†I disagreed with that person then, and I disagree with that person now more than ever. ¬†Having a baby has made me want to be even more successful in my career. ¬†The stakes are much higher now. ¬†My son’s future depends greatly on what opportunities my husband and I can offer him. ¬†Before, failure or even stagantion in my career was only a disappointment to myself. ¬†Not any more. ¬†I want him to be proud of me as I was proud of my mother and father, who worked tirelessly to make sure we had all that we needed and more. ¬†The challenge now is how do I work to excel while not compromising my precious time with my boy. ¬†I know it’s a balancing act that millions of women struggle with every day.

Fellow career moms, how do you do it?  How do you find the time to focus on work while also thinking about finding the time and place to pump while away from your babies?  How do you push for a promotion when that promotion may also mean less time with your little ones?  How do we find success as mothers and career women?  I still have a long road ahead of me before I can answer any of these questions.  But perhaps you already have some tips?

My Baby, My Motivation.