Traveling With A Nine Week Old

Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Sorry for the delay in my posting. We’ve been traveling and spending time with family, which brings me to my next post.


Yes, the entire row of stuff in the photo above belongs to us. That, my friends, is what happens when you fly with an infant for the first time. That doesn’t even include the bags we checked in or our stroller. But don’t panic new moms, I had to pack a lot because we were headed to California for a month long stay with our family. I was already exhausted by the time we got through security. That, by the way, took us 30 minutes. I don’t mean we were waiting in line for that long. I mean it took us 30 minutes to get all our stuff through the scanner. All my breast milk bottles and formula bottles had to be checked by some little machine. Our stroller was taken to a secret location to be tested. And they checked my hands for chemicals because I was carrying the baby in a sling that didn’t go through a scanner. I guess I should be grateful they didn’t make me put my baby through the luggage scanner with my shoes. Oh the joys of traveling in the U.S.

We eventually made it to the gate and I had to find a secluded area to pump. Already two and a half hours had passed since my last pumping session in the back of a taxi van. Don’t worry, I used a breast feeding cover. Luckily, my husband and nanny are both traveling with us, so my baby had plenty of people to take care of him while I went to make him dinner.


It may have been our first trip, but I already learned from the experience. So here are a few tips.

1) If you are traveling somewhere where you will be driving you’ll have to take the carseat along. After the hassle we experienced trying to get the carseat through security, I recommend that you check it in with your luggage. It’s $35 worth spending.

2) Bring a sling. Not only is it an easy way to carry the baby through the airport, it is also useful on the plane for when the baby gets cranky and needs to be lulled to sleep.

3) Changing the baby on the plane can be complicated. There are changing tables in the bathrooms, but as you can imagine, they are small. The ones in the back were the largest on our JetBlue flight. Take a few wipes and clean up the area first. It’s not the most comfortable experience for you or the baby. But it is better than trying to do it in your seat and risk spraying your neighbors, especially if you have a boy.

4) Dress your baby in layers. It’s cold in the airport and on the plane.

Moms, what other tips do you have. I hear traveling with kids only gets more complicated as they grow.

– East Coast Mama

Traveling With A Nine Week Old

9 thoughts on “Traveling With A Nine Week Old

  1. Maya's Mama says:

    Breast feed, bottle feed, or use a pacifier at take off and landing, schedule a red eye or nap time flight if possible, and bring a handful of smaller new toys using them one at a time to keep your baby busy, talk to your baby about the process when they are awake…And most of all keep a smile on your face, it’s contagious. P.s. don’t be ashamed to give your baby a small dose of baby Benadryl if your doctor approves it. But try it at home first because it makes some babies hyper rather than drowsy. Good Luck!

    1. Thank you Maya’s Mama! Great advice. We used a pacifier during take off and landing. He did great. I asked my close friend, who is also a pediatrician, about giving him Benadryl. She said at 2 months old he was too young for that. But it would be ok when he gets older. As you said, check with your pediatrician first.

  2. Sally says:

    You’re right Reem it doesn’t get any easier. We just travelled with Penelope who is 17 months old and it was awful. She barely slept, she wanted to see everything and she wouldn’t drink or eat anything. My advice…take lots of stuff. Anything that might entertain them for a few minutes. We had books, crayons, toys! Oh and spare clothes for the baby and maybe even you… When we travelled with her a few months ago, she riggled so much her nappy/diaper moved and she basically peed all over me. Then she puked on Pete and then after we changed her she peed again. I had no spare clothing so had pee jeans for the whole of the journey. I can’t wait for the day she will sit with headphones on and watch cartoons instead of standing up and smiling at the people behind us and anyone else who catches her eye. xx

    1. Thanks Sal! The extra clothes tip is a very good one. While I was on the plane I kept asking myself what I would do if we had a diaper blow out on my lap. Next time, I’m packing extra leggings and a t-shirt. Miss you!

  3. My advice is ignore the comments and irritated looks given by your fellow travelers. whenever I have flown with Ellie or my nephew, the babies have been really well behaved…but people still managed to ask loudly to avoid being seated next to a baby. Just tune it out…every parent knows what no one is more stressed about traveling with a child than the parent.

  4. F. says:

    Hi, i randomly found your blog, and love it! Just FYI, every domestic airlines checks in a car seat and a stroller for free. I fly frequently with my daughter and we check them in everytime. We tried to dupe the system and check in a pack and play too, but they made us pay for that– but car seat and stroller– Always free!!

  5. Sweet Reem, how are you? Greetings from your high school co-editor. I’m based in Napaand enjoying the adventures of mamahood, too. And boy does sweet M like to go! At seven months, she enjoyed her first 2,400 mile road trip, from Atlanta to North Carolina to Virginia, then Florida and back to Atlanta for the cross country flight home. She is now 15 months old and has enjoyed sharing a seat with me on 20 different planes. When your family lives in Arkansas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, you find yourself using up all of your frequent flyer miles. Because I joke that I don’t want to take care of two babies on a plane, M and I usually fly solo. My husband catches a later plane and meets us at our destination. In M’s short time with us, I’ve picked up more than a few travel tips, which I’ll have to share at another time because I hear my gal waking from her morning nap! Please stay in touch; I’d love to swap stories and hear more from you.

    1. It is so amazing to hear from you! I keep up with you on facebook. Your little darling is so precious, as beautiful as her mama! I still remember our J class days. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get some travel tips from you. It wasn’t too bad traveling with him when he was a newborn. But now that he is older and likes to constantly be moving around and playing I’m really nervous! We are actually headed to California this weekend. My family lives in Orange County. One day we’ll have to meet up half way, one the beautiful beaches of Big Sur! Let’s definitely stay in touch. 🙂

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